Kris Hargis

Kris Hargis was born in Omaha, Nebraska and received his BFA in Visual communication from the University of Kansas in 1998. He received his MFA at Boise State University in 2016 where he continues to teach.

Hargis has shown extensively at Froelick Gallery as well as galleries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Seattle, Washington. He has received commissions from companies such as Portland Center Stage, the Philadelphia Gazette, Boston Magazine, and the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Hargis' subjects are jars of wilting but radiant flowers and confessional self-portraits. With a delicacy of line that is at once assured and exploratory, he captures essential contours in conté crayon or grease pencil, selectively adding areas of bright hue with eddies of watercolor and thin washes of oil, suggesting a translucent window in to the physical and emotional heart.

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Kris  Hargis My ears a burnin_
With Heavy Heart, 2017
40 x 30.25 in
Kris  Hargis My ears a burnin_
Towing the Line, 2017
30 x 22.5 in
Kris  Hargis My ears a burnin_
Until Next Time, 2017
40 x 24 in
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