Kevin Kadar


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"I've done so many landscapes. I just think about the paint brushstrokes, and automatically the paintings come out looking like a penetration of the surface, often with great distance. I paint a direct observation and then glaze over details in order to convey an emotional perception of the site. Obscuring some of the realistic details allows a ghost image to come through, which can tell me what the landscape is going to be. This includes a residue of energy of what's been there, especially in historical spots, but even in non-historic spots where rather pedestrian events occur. Being influenced by my travels, these paintings reflect the regions where I have spent time, but I also allow my imagination to further an internal journey with terrain much less certain. It's as though I sacrifice some of what I know in order to experience a deeper understanding. My hope is that the viewers will explore this deeper vision through careful contemplation." -Keven Kadar


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