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Susan Seubert is an active fine art and journalism photographer. Her provocative imagery has earned her critical acclaim with inclusion in the Portland Art Museum's 1999 and 2001 Biennials. Columbia University nominated her for an Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for magazine cover. Exacting in her preparation and printing, she is a master with the techniques of silver gelatin, platinum print, tintype and ambrotype.

Tintypes, also known as ferrotypes, are last century’s “instant” photographs. Historically, “wet-plate” tintypes, containing silver halide in a collodion suspension, came first. They were made obsolete by “dry-plate” tintypes that used gelatin instead of flammable collodion. Dry-plate tintypes were coated on steel that was painted black and sometimes on black paper or cardboard. (The “tin” in tintypes comes from the similarity of the metal plates to the steel used in “tin” cans.)

Tintypes are an optical illusion that is based on the same principle as when you view an underexposed or thin black-and-white negative by reflected light while it is held against a dark background: the negative image seems to become positive. With tintypes, the exposed silver image is actually lighter in color than the unexposed areas of the black background, giving the appearance of a normal positive print.


Since receiving her BFA in photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1992, Seubert has exhibited continually in the Pacific Northwest. She was as finalist in the 2011 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards at the Portland Art Museum and won a 2009 International Photography Award in the Nature category for the Nest series.

A professional journalist, Seubert images are featured regularly in Conde Nast Home and Garden, Garden Design, Newsweek, The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, and Time.




























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Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana