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"My approach to painting, and my practice is almost entirely painting, is to bring together a sketch of some certain landscape with a drawing of a human event and observe how they remake each other in the crucible of paint. The landscape is usually set in human-effected natural areas (or vice versa). The event is usually children engaged in a cooperatively imagined act of empathy or violence, or at the very least, the alteration of their lives or environment. There is no wholesale invention and no extended narrative. Most of the landscapes are chosen in part for their relationship to water as a resource and right (and simply for conditions of light, texture, adventure-ability). As oil paintings on canvas, the works are intended to carry themselves through a variety of contexts and times, from hallways to classrooms to thrift store bins to museum walls (and back), shifting, but not collapsing, with each move. They serve to distress, engage, so the viewer wherever they may appear. The practice allows for paintings to be developed with certain placement sites in mind. Settings and figure events can be selected to play off of the culture, history, and feel of a building or room. I have dozens of notebooks full of ink sketches to choose subjects from and new landscape sketches can always be collected. The size of existing works was generally determined by budget and expected placement; the size of future work is flexible. Because the work is drawing-generated, I’m also interested in collaboration with teams to execute the imagery in other materials such as wood, glass, and tile. I have only limited experience in such production (and the scars to show it), but enjoy contemplating the possibilities. Overall, I’m driven by the physical action of making the work, a profound curiosity regarding the outcome, and a little, gleeful need to get other people into some brief, non-toxic, altered state." - Gabriel Liston, 2011


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