Gail Tremblay

Gail  Tremblay - Scorched Earth Policy

It Was Never About Playing Cowboys and Indians, 2012

Sculpture 16mm film, leader, rayon cord & thread  
24.25 x 14 x 14 in

This basket incorporates film from: “Play and Cultural Continuity Part 4: Montana Indian Children”, 1975

This basket will be included in the exhibition, All That You Touch, at the Ottawa Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada, February 19 – May 29, 2016.

The work was also included in the touring exhibition, Changing Hands 3, organized by the Museum of Art & Design.

"The sixteen millimeter footage has images and sound bits that talk about the kind of play: girls leaning to put their dolls in cradle boards, children learning to do beadwork, and children learning to sing and dance at powwows, all activities that maintain Indian culture. I chose to use porcupine point stitch in red and blue at the bottom of the basket to refer to the prickly nature of Indian –White relations in America where scholars don’t recognize the difference between play and keeping culture alive.  The red ribbon stitch at the top is there to praise Indian children for the games they choose to play that help them to preserve their culture. I used a couple of lines if white leader because it backlights the film and makes images visible in sections of the weave structure, so viewers can get a suggestion of content of the images on the film and tell there are pictures of Indians." Gail Tremblay



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