Froelick Gallery's 15th Anniversary!

Matthew Dennison - The Memory of New Things
Bo Joseph - A Lexicon of Persistent Absence
October 5 - October 30, 2010

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In The Memory of New Things, Matthew Dennison’s eighth (!) solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery, he takes as his subject the human connection to the world and the consequences of greater or lesser degrees of engagement in it. The characters that populate his canvases are faced with dangers both impending and immediate, but they are not victims; rather, they take active roles in survival and self-preservation. Buildings and manmade things are consumed in advancing floodwaters, but it is humans- and in some cases animals- who persevere. These images of struggle are punctuated by quiet moments of rest and reflection.

A hard cover catalog is available for Matthew Dennison's exhibition.

New York artist Bo Joseph returns for his second solo exhibit at Froelick Gallery. The works that comprise A Lexicon of Persistent Absence were created during the course of three months in Berlin, Germany, and are informed by that city’s layered histories. Joseph draws from recognizable and iconic imagery from various printed sources; he subjects his initial painted surface to a precipitous method of sanding, washing, scraping and re-painting, continuously obscuring and revealing the original image in new ways. Layered stencils in bold colors suggest dense architectural structures made of birds, human forms, artifacts and masks. With the familiar context of the source materials removed, the resulting abstractions recast Joseph’s archetypal subjects as fresh and independent, unburdened by their previous meaning.