A manga exhibit featuring prints by Kazuo Umezz, Kazama Namiki & Rin Nadeshico

December 1, 2010 - January 15, 2011

In December and January Froelick Gallery will bring together the work of three Japanese artists at the forefront of the manga form for Gwashi!
Manga comics, recognizable for their uniform style elements (large eyes, emotive floating hearts, rainclouds and other icons), enjoy a readership that spans the whole of Japanese society and extends worldwide. Its appeal as a tool of mass entertainment, communication and education has made it a unique pop culture force. In addition to it’s sequential form, manga also has a life beyond the printed page. The work represented in Gwashi! utilizes fine art printmaking techniques such as woodcut, silkscreen and mezzotint to render the fantastical characters and situations - from supernatural to erotic to whimsical- endemic to manga.