Rick Bartow
Kris Hargis
Gabriel Manca

December 1, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Widely known for his drawings and paintings, Rick Bartow diverts his attention to found wood sculpture. These small-scale works draw from a spectrum of cultural sources- from the stories and totems of the Northwest Coast tribes; the woodcarving traditions of the Maori of New Zealand, and universal transformation myths. The resulting iconic animal forms bridge the gulf between ancient and contemporary worlds.
Kris Hargis defies convention in his mixed media drawings. His ability to convey solidity and strength with the most delicate of lines and vulnerability with a harsh, almost violent smear of charcoal or ink makes each work a study in the power of simplicity and restraint. Hargis breaks down the elements of his subjects- be they human faces or decaying still-lifes - and rebuilds them as lovely, fragile images of surprising force.
The carved, brightly-painted shadowbox scenes of Gabriel Manca are populated with figures seemingly frozen in choreographed poses. They reference complex family dynamics, and call attention to the assigned roles that each member of a family or community plays, willingly or otherwise. The actors in these small dramas are at once familiar and cryptic, knowable and private.