Tom Prochaska - At Last
Sally Finch - Weather Studies

October 4 - October 29, 2011

First Thursday reception
October 6th, 2011
open until 8:00pm

Exhibit tour and artist discussion
with Sally Finch and Tom Prochaska

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Tom Prochaska - _i_At Last__i__br_
Sally Finch -
Tom Prochaska’s black and white oil paintings in At Last are the result of a visual search in which the artist explores the basic interaction between medium and surface, applying strong foundational elements of value and form in what is firstly an exercise in masterful composition and expressive markmaking. In the process, imagery suggests itself and is drawn forward, informed by a range of sources- pleasures and fears experienced or imagined; notes of homage to admired fellow artists, films and stories; a rich catalogued collection of observed behaviors, settings and events. Figures, trees, buildings and interior spaces are at once simple and articulate strokes of scumbled and impastoed monochrome. Prochaska considers the works in At Last to be the pinnacle of his more than forty year career as an artist; the truest expression of the art he aspires to create.

Sally Finch's latest exhibition, Weather Studies, is a collection of fastidiously patterned works on paper. Finch maps historical meteorological data drawn from diverse global regions such as Sudan, Greenland and India. Temperature and rainfall are assigned specific colors and levels of density, which she records in acrylic ink, graphite, pen and tiny collaged elements with impressive precision. Each of these pieces represents a decade; the weight given to each individual blot or line is a small climatic portrait of a month in time. Organized in annual columns, the patterns wax and wane, undulating in a palpably organic manner. In the process of creating these works, Finch was struck by the similarity between these sequences and the information captured by an electrocardiogram- her images of variations in the Earth’s climate suggest a human pulse or respiration on a massive scale.