Laurie Danial - Control Release Control
Miles Cleveland Goodwin - Chasing Deer

October 31 - December 10, 2011

First Thursday reception
December 1st, 2011
open until 8:00pm

Laurie Danial - _i_Control Release Control__i__br_
Laurie Danial's oil paintings and etchings in Control Release Control exist in the confluence of abstraction and representation; Danial finds equal satisfaction in rigid patterns and organic structures. Brash color fields and caroming, taffylike bands of paint mingle with references to cartography, writing exercises or schematics as she feels her way through a picture by any means that best facilitate its realization. By layering, obscuring, and building upon disparate elements, she works and reworks an image until a found cohesion presents itself. Danial refers to the parts of each work as chronicles of her moments in time and space- viewed together, the whole of Control Release Control constitutes a vivid portrait of this creative process.

Froelick Gallery is proud to introduce Miles Cleveland Goodwin in his first solo exhibition with us. Chasing Deer is a collection of dynamic winter landscapes which pay tribute to the works of Northern European Masters. Exercising a sophisticated economy of palette, Goodwin applies thin oil glazes of umber, gray and ice blue to layered white surfaces, lending an unexpected activity and depth to his snowy fields and valleys, as well as a radiant inner light to areas of darkness. Brighter hues, when they appear- red mittens, a band of sunset pink, a pheasant’s jade and gold plumage- do not contrast with the broader setting, but seem to be integrated parts of it. Figures bundled in coats, hats and scarves are tempered by their austere environment. Many seem to be moving, with backs to the viewer, toward an unseen destination. These works may be scenes from a hermitage, a bare and sometimes harsh place that is also quiet and beautiful, not unlike the external and internal place the artist seeks in which to pursue painting.