Sarah Horowitz
Das Stachliges Dickicht (The Thorny Thicket)
April 3 - April 28, 2012

First Thursday reception
April 5th, 2012
open until 8:00pm

Exhibit tour and artist discussion
Saturday, April 14th

Sarah Horowitz

This series of etchings and sumi ink drawings on a variety of dyed papers sees Sarah Horowitz evolving in her exploration of botanical subjects. Paying homage to Albrecht Durer’s watercolor masterpiece Great Piece of Turf (1503), a work which depicts a random, disorderly-seeming clump of wild plants against a blank background, she approaches Durer’s problem of imposing a formal structure on intrinsically wild, unruly forms. Working from collected cuttings, she creates angular compositions with sharp, sensitive lines that suggest the barrier of her exhibit title. Her brambles are the material of personal struggles, relationships, conflicts- attractive and deceptive fences that allow slight glimpses between the leaves and stalks.