Terrell James
May 1 - June 2, 2012

"The forms, colors, and light found joined in Nature can seem to form the subject of my painting, and the content of its images. But in the internalized landscape of my work, where each sketch or state of an etching, or painting, serves to echo their convergence, I trace personal moves of new perception. These observations, through their interwoven fields, are the ground from which my work has grown, the base material of the spaces I’ve described in the paintings themselves. This sensible memory is made tangible in the work.
I am certain that natural places and living things will always underlie much of what I do. However, as it has evolved, my practice has grown to absorb contexts beyond narrow definitions of “landscape” and “nature.”
I now deliberately explore newly available and even unavoidable fields. My work has become engaged with unexpected material. Sometimes it seems that I am simply absorbing and processing everything I encounter. The limitless deluge of the all-enveloping digital world has inspired an expanded palette, to include a vastly larger range of materials, colors and effects. These may include geometric line and grids, op art color waves, after-image echo, and cellular code references.
Yet the challenges remain the same. As dramatic as has been the emergence of these more broadly perceived horizons, it has left my fundamental processes of observation and reflection unchanged. I am now in constant rediscovery of what is mine in nature, while integrating with it what I experience in the more time-bound landscape of human artifacts.
The new paintings in my show with Froelick Gallery engage in vivid color shifts, merging biomorphic form with high keyed digital advertising and fashion photography." Terrell James, May 2012

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Troupe The Bend in the Cave
oil on canvas
39.5 x 60 inches
Troupe What Attracts You to Gravity
acrylic and oil on canvas
42.25 x 41.75 inches
Troupe Journalist
oil and acrylic on canvas
36 x 32 inches
Now Now
oil and acrylic on canvas
41 x 66 inches