Katherine Ace
Fleeting Vista
September 4 - September 29, 2012

Exhibition tour and discussion with the artists
Saturday, September 15th

Katherine Ace
Katherine Ace's oil and alkyd paintings are, at surface, beautifully realized still lifes which include groupings of fruit, vases, crumpled paper and floral cuttings against mottled marble-like backgrounds. In Ace's compositions, however, these elements also play the role of topographical and architectural features in landscapes and cityscapes.
In this fresh approach to traditional genre, colorful piled fabrics stand in for mountain crags and rolling hills while folded newspapers represent the hum of urban communication. Contained in the text of these papers are many “new words” which are officially added to the mainstream lexicon by leading dictionaries each year, as well as quotations from Shakespeare's The Tempest and Romeo and Juliet, who himself contributed hundreds of new words and turns of phrase to the English language. Long interested in literature and new, old, enduring and obsolete forms of communication, Ace's works bridge the classical and contemporary in subject and technique.