Kris Hargis
Vale la Pena
February 5 - March 2, 2013

Exhibition tour and discussion with the artists
Saturday, February 16th

Kris Hargis
During the month of February, Froelick Gallery is proud to present Vale la Pena, the latest solo exhibit by Kris Hargis. His subjects are jars of wilting but radiant flowers and confessional self- portraits. With a delicacy of line that is at once assured and exploratory, Hargis captures essential contours in conté crayon or grease pencil, selectively adding areas of bright hue with eddies of watercolor and thin washes of oil, suggesting a translucent window in to the physical and emotional heart. In exchange for this act of exposure, his self- portraits return the viewer's gaze with a steady, knowing stare or a sense of peripheral observation. The title of this exhibit, roughly meaning “worth the tears”, refers to personal relationships and solitude as well as artmaking, which comes with its own inherent struggles, comforts and rewards- in Hargis' phrase, “...making marks because it helps.”