Kevin Kadar
Portals and Puzzles
February 1 - March 14, 2015

First Thursday reception
February 5, 2015
open until 8:00pm

Kevin Kadar
FROELICK GALLERY presents Portals and PuzzlesKevin Kadar's tenth solo exhibition with us.  One of our longest-standing artist relationships, we're pleased to host him again during our twentieth anniversary year.
The paintings in this exhibit are an amalgam of previous bodies of work which have shifted at times from the rigorously observational to the highly fantastic.  Here, we are treated to the ranging of Kadar's mind, in which posed figures interact with volumetric, Gustonesque gobs of color; warm, hazy landscapes are overlaid with fine ghostly-white renderings of floating flowers and orbs; tiny humans and animals negotiate mountainous paths; towns burn; semiabstract forms and liquid drops hang in midair.
Kadar explains that while the portals of the show's title exist as compositional elements within these pieces, any painting can itself be a passageway in to the painter's realm or in to the viewer's own imagination.  A painting can also be a puzzle in the literal sense of a series of brushstrokes which fit together as a single work.  In presenting the viewer with solutions both challenging and poetic, he has achieved the self-appointed task of melding the dissimilar styles and imagery of his own psychic vistas with that of the concrete world; of his assured formal sensibility with intuitive exploration. 
Firewall Dan's Bible Stories
10 x 15.25 inches
Firewall Time Bubble
9 x 9.25 inches
Firewall Information/Construction
8 x 10.5 inches
Firewall The Third Way to Nirvana
32 x 49 inches
Firewall Firewall
31 x 48 inches
Firewall Oleanda's Garden II
8.25 x 16.25 inches