Micah Hearn
Maybe It's Time
May 31 - July 16, 2016

First Thursday reception
June 2, 2016

open until 8:00pm

Micah Hearn

Froelick Gallery is proud to welcome painter Micah Hearn as we present his first solo exhibition with us. Titled Maybe It's Time, Hearn's semiabstract acrylic on canvas works hum with bold color- juicy pinks, shady greens, acid yellows, rich reds- and compositional brilliance. Free and gestural with an apparent love for the liquid properties of his media, he sketches drinking vessels, articles of clothing, flowers, watermelon wedges, stretches of highway, pinwheel textiles, rotary telephones and a melange of other recognizable forms in layered arrangements that suggest the complex, sometimes chaotic depths of memory and personal history. Far from unstructured, these massed objects are interspersed with quiltlike grids, gestural divisions, color fields and suggestions of the architecture of simple houses. Deeply autobiographical, Hearn uses his process to examine and better understand his position in a place and time. Raised in the American South and now living in the Pacific Northwest, his work notes differences in the culture and history of both regions, and the meaning of social acceptance and the complexities of family and home.

Micah Hearn was born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2012. He was recently featured in Heffernan/Hearn, a two-person show at White Box at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts in Portland.

Untitled Call Home Quilt
47 x 47 inches
Untitled Sissy Flag
47 x 47 inches
Untitled Sibling Shirt
40 x 30 inches
Untitled Mother Moonshine
36 x 48 inches
Untitled Smile
24 x 20 inches
Untitled A Shirt for Us
20 x 16 inches
Untitled Untitled
18 x 24 inches
Untitled Gone, But Not Home
36 x 24 inches
Untitled Kitchen Quilt
57 x 78 inches
Untitled Ray and Rae
20 x 72 inches