Art Passport PDX
For New Collectors
March 16 - June 15, 2017

Art Passport PDX

Founded by arts writer and activist Jennifer Rabin, Art Passport PDX is a free public program to foster engagement in the visual arts, dialog between the galleries and their visitors, starting an art collection on any budget. And to give people a chance to win $1600 to spend on art.

To participate, members of the community can pick up a passport book (at the launch party or at any of the participating galleries and fill it with stamps from those galleries. To get a stamp, a participant needs to have a conversation with someone at the gallery about the art on view. They need only to be curious and to trust that their observations and questions will be meet with encouragement and enthusiasm.

Once everyone hands in their completed passports, we will select one participant to receive a $1600 credit, which can be used to purchase art at any of the participating galleries. A runner-up participant will receive 2 free memberships to the Portland Art Museum, a $100 gift certificate to Eutectic Gallery, and an assortment of exhibition catalogs.

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