November 14, 2007
Rick Bartow's exhibit reviewed in Tuesday's edition of The Oregonian

Rick Bartow at Froelick Gallery
D.K. Row

"There are those who think that Rick Bartow -- established, lauded and successful by any measure for a regional artist -- is merely mining the same territory he's already mastered over a multi-decade career. But the Oregon artist's transformative imagery, which blends Native American myth and themes, Asian culture and midcentury expressionism, continues to deepen in little ways that affirm he is involved with a journey that's still revealing itself to him. And to the public.

His latest show at longtime dealer Froelick Gallery seems a modest one -- a group of drawings. But Bartow's renderings of birds, coyotes, flowers and anatomical imagery on handmade Japanese paper are absolutely exquisite images that announce the delicacy and authority of a major artist. More and more, the influence of Asia, where Bartow has traveled with greater frequency in the past decade, has become more pronounced in his transformative imagery, which is now morphing into a kind of singular, international style of its own."

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