December 16, 2008
Katherine Ace's Favorite Things
The Oregonian's Sara Perry interviews Katherine Ace about her favorite things

"Painter Katherine Ace Thinks Portland Is a Great Art Town

For more than 18 years, Katherine Ace's skylight studio has been an eclectic haven of large canvases, found objects, insect wings, and paints and brushes. This Portland artist has created a studio that is the heart of her home, the site of her inspiration, solitude and comfort.
Ace's favorite things embrace both her craft and passions. In the eye of this beholder, she uses them with skill and talent to create her canvas tableaux. Last week, I visited with this well-known painter in her studio, while her cat, Sugar, kept us company."

To read the rest of the Sara Perry's column (which appeared in last Sunday's edition of O! in The Oregonian), please follow the link below.

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