September 25, 2009
The Oregonian reviews Portland Taiko's recent collaboration with Rick Bartow

Portland Taiko, a premier Japanese inspired drumming ensemble, invited Rick Bartow to collaborate on a project last weekend.
The result: Oregon Lost and Found

"Newport-born Bartow greeted the audience in the first half with a "Gratitude Song". He then set to drawing an intensely expressive blue heron, accompanied by musical accompaniment played off to the side of the stage. The style, familiar to those who have seen his work over the past 15 years or so, was a sort of mythic expressionism, which suited the music startlingly well – the piece was new, bold and individual, in striking lines and colors accentuating the white space around it, but thematically resonant with a representational tradition in which subjects from the non-human world are more than just animals."
James McQuinlan, special to The Oregonian, Monday 21, 2009.

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