January 14, 2010
Susan Platt, art historian, art critic, and political activist, reviewed Feddersen Vital Signs exhibit at TAM

Susan Platt, art historian, art critic, and political activist, discusses Joe Feddersen's Vital Signs exhibit on her blog, Art and Politics Now.
She writes: "The exhibition has a curiously calming effect, as though we have gone into the landscape to meditate. I could feel his energy flowing through the exhbiition, as the various media, scale, colors, and geometries interacted. He is a master printmaker, a weaver, an artist of sand blasted glass. His connection to time immemorial is moving through all of the works. They are objects for sale now, not integrated with daily use, but they speak of their former functions. Since natives see our relationship to nature, to history, to prehistory, to each other, to animals as all part of a continuous non hierarchical flow of energy, these paintings and other objects suggest that idea as well. Abstract modernism has been re energized with its real sources of power in ancient abstractions."

The Vital Signs exhibit was most recently on view at the Tacoma Art Museum through January 10, 2010. Vital Signs will open at the Hallie Ford Museum, Willamette University, Salem, WA - its final venue, later this month.

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