February 17, 2011
FROELICK GALLERY's Winter Group Exhibit received WW pick

Willamette Week's Richard Speer lists work by Stephen O'Donnell and Laura Ross-Paul as highlights of the 2011 Winter Group Exhibit:

"Stephen O’Donnell’s oil painting Plus Féroce que ce qu’on Pourrait Croire, numbers among the highlights in the gallery’s annual winter group show. The subject of O’Donnell’s portrait, dressed in Baroque finery and elaborate wig, dares the viewer to quibble with the piece’s title, which, translated from the French, means “tougher than he looks.” Meanwhile, Laura Ross-Paul’s Night Light portrays a female figure seemingly juggling fire. Well-composed and imaginative in Ross-Paul’s classic myth-meets-mysticism style, the painting glints and shimmers with metallic paint embedded in a waxy finish."

To read the review online, please follow the source link below.

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