November 9, 2011
Laurie Danial's Control Release Control receives praise from Willamette Week's TJ Norris

Laurie Danial has been underestimated for years. Her new work, under the moniker Control Release Control, is as stunting as it is stunning. Danial’s style has shifted and tightened since her last solo show over three years ago. Gone are the looser, chaotic drips, replaced by solid forms that have been broken and toyed with. Print work like Scope and Open Close makes impressive use of the vestiges of gaming culture and architectural rendering. She has also upped the scale of the work Between a Rock and a Hunk, a formidable diptych in oils measuring 7 1/2 feet long. Aside from its natural forms, slabs and frills, it is the hidden message that permeates the subliminal world of this big, bold beauty.
-TJ NORRIS, November 9, 2011

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