November 22, 2011
Tom Prochaska discusses his recent Froelick exhibit At Last with Artwrit Quarterly's Sarah Vaeth

"Tom Prochaska’s dreamily private gray paintings are arrived-at, gradually. The figures—vaguely folkloric peasants, dancers and musicians—coalesce out of the mark making. Paint daubs come together like pieces of a puzzle and come apart as figures dissolve. Fore- and backgrounds reverse. Prochaska labors from within an interior world, a source acknowledged more by artists when they talk to each other than by contemporary discourse on art. His process instinctively seizes upon resonant associations, the prized material of his own being. It is hardly the self-conscious manipulation of visual culture or the trafficking in textual quotation. I caught up with the artist at Froelick Gallery, as his show At Last was winding up."
-Sarah Vaeth

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