May 18, 2013
Gail Tremblay's "Reframing Images, Conceptualizing Indigenous Art" reviewed in Willamette Week

Richard Speer writes:

Gail Tremblay’s vividly colorful sculptures would be noteworthy even if you didn’t know their backstory. But factor that story in, and they become downright intriguing. A member of the Onondaga and Micmac nations, Tremblay stitches together strips of 16 mm and 35 mm film and leader into basket forms. These sculptures reference native basket-weaving traditions and the ways in which those traditions have long been used to stereotype Native Americans. With their interplay of black- and brown-hued film stock; green, red and yellow leader; and metallic thread, the works have an all-too-rare blend of formal beauty and conceptual ambiguity.

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