June 21, 2014
Gabriel Liston's work is profiled on The Daily Serving

The Daily Serving, an international publication for contemporary art, has profiled Froelick Gallery artist Gabriel Liston. Contributor A. Will Brown writes:

"When describing his paintings, Gabriel Liston often uses words commonly associated with cinematic film creation: shot and frame, story and sketch, backstory and narrative. Many of his works—small paintings rendered in black-and-white or color—depict scenes from real events taken from the artist’s life.
However, once painted, these moments from Liston’s life—due in part to their modest scale and a pervasive illusory quality—become surreal vignettes, yet remain remarkably knowable or nearly remembered. Each painting resounds with an intense yet unimposing painterly depth, both psychological and technical."

Please follow the link below to view images and read the full article.

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