July 22, 2014
Ink This! at Tacoma Art Museum features 5 Froelick Gallery artists

Prints by Laura Ross-Paul, Sarah Horowitz, Tom Prochaska, Rick Bartow and Joe Feddersen are included in ‘Ink This! Contemporary Print Arts in the Northwest’ at the Tacoma Art Museum through October 19th.

Gayle Clemons writes:

"Ink This! — a striking exhibition of Northwest print arts at the Tacoma Art Museum — captures the unique characteristics and quixotic variations of printmaking. There are linocuts, letterpress prints, accordion books, posters, collages and installations."
"Joe Feddersen’s relief print “Roll Call II” has a layered, expressive background that recalls the texture of baskets crafted by the Okanagan and Lakes people, Feddersen’s ancestors. But the texture is flattened out, and his figures look like traditional glyphs that have morphed into video-game characters. Feddersen lays out the changing cultural landscape through a fusion of tradition and technology."

At right: Joe Feddersen "Roll Call II", 2012, relief print

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