September 12, 2014
Kris Hargis to lead workshop, featured on Boise State Public Radio

Kris Hargis will lead an intensive drawing and painting workshop at the Atlanta School in Atlanta, Idaho, September 12 - 14.

Details are here.

Frankie Barnhill of Boise State Public Radio writes:
Hargis doesn't create your typical self-portraits. The Boise State grad student stretches the idea of self-portraiture beyond the realist bounds. He’s not afraid to experiment with expression, media and – even costuming. Hargis says wearing different clothes lets him see into a different world, and get a new perspective on himself. He has a collection of scarves, hats and wigs he'll use while he draws his self-portraits.

“Honestly, it would just be boring if I just sat and looked at myself as I am all the time," he says.

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