November 21, 2014
Liston Paints Portland's Forgotten History

Gabriel Liston's current exhibition gets a nice mention on the website of Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish. Commissioner Fish heads the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services, areas which are very relevant to Gabriel's work.

Talented artist Gabriel Liston brings to life a forgotten part of Portland’s water history in his beautiful art exhibit, Get All That Is Coming To You.

Liston’s inspiration comes from Lafe Pence, a lawyer, miner and congressman from Colorado. Pence attempted to claim water rights in Northwest Portland from 1905 to 1908. His scheme involved using water in Guild’s Lake. The project was environmentally and economically disastrous, and Pence fled Portland.
Liston’s art exhibit is a narrative that takes viewers on a trip through time. Black and white oil panels relate to the controversial history surrounding Pence. Large canvases illustrate Liston’s personal journey finding Pence’s water sites, and painted panels show what the sites look like in present-day.

Get All That Is Coming To You is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC). One of RACC’s services is providing project grants to local artists. Their mission is to enrich the greater Portland community with diverse artistic opportunities.

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