December 9, 2014
Gabriel Liston called at "top of his form" in Willamette Week review

Richard Speer writes in Willamette Week of Gabriel Liston's exhibit Get All That Is Coming To You:

Painter Gabriel Liston is at the top of his form in a suite of small and medium-sized paintings inspired by historical subject matter. The paintings chronicle the ecological travesties committed from 1905 to 1908 by a Colorado miner named Lafe Pence, who decimated many of Oregon’s lakes and forests for profit. Liston deploys his formidable technique in images that show the landscape before and after Pence raped it. In an ambitious grid of 29 paintings, the artist accents lush vegetation with delicate flecks and glances of paint. It’s a neo-rococo sensibility melded with a generous helping of nature worship and righteous environmental indignation.

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