June 18, 2016
Nat Meade mentioned in the Boston Globe

Nat Meade receives a nice mention (and image!) in the Boston Globe (May 25, 2016) for inclusion in group exhibition at Casteldrone in Boston, MA:

"Painter Anthony Palocci Jr. has organized an ominous exhibition at Castledrone, the alternative space he runs with his partner, curator and educator Maggie Cavallo. Palocci arranges several smallish paintings to conjure a supercharged sense of evasion. The art puts us in pursuit, yet we can’t shake the feeling there’s something on our own trail.
Extreme close-ups make faces hard to discern; texture and pigment add veils of mystery; there’s a sense that someone has just left the picture. The eye skitters around the gallery, on edge.
It lands on Nat Meade’s terrific “Pole Smoke,” a man’s sunbaked face, all right angles, hard-edged, hot. He grips a short cigarette between his teeth."

To read the full review, please follow the link below.

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